1970 Mustang/Cougar Tank Armor

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1970 Mustang Tank Armor

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    1970 Mustang/Cougar Tank Armor

    1970 Mustang/Cougar Tank Armor

    1970 Mustang Tank Armor

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    In 1970, Ford upsized the tank again adding 2 more gallons of capacity for a total of 22 gallons. The 70 Mustang/Cougar Tank Armor is therefore sized to accommodate the larger capacity tank. As with the 69 Tank Armor, the difference in capacity is made up on the top side of the tank - above the flange. The 70 Tank Armor is therefore about 2.5 inches taller than the 64½-68 (16 gallon) Tank Armor.

    A common upgrade done by owners of 64½-69 Mustangs and Cougars is to increase the capacity of their fuel system for the stock 16 or 20 gallon size to the 22 gallon size offered in the 70 model year. If you are planning to install a 22 gallon tank (or have already done so) and want to protect that gas tank with Tank Armor, then the 70 Tank Armor is the size you need to order.

    For those of you doing the conversion, you will not only need to get the 22 tallon fuel tank and Tank Armor, but you will also need to replace the filler neck currently used in your car. There is a conversion filler neck for 64½-66 Mustangs and a different neck for 67-68 Mustangs and Cougars. The filler necks can be purchased from other Mustang suppliers. We currently do not offer the filler neck by itself.

    As with all our Tank Armor products, this one comes with an installation kit. The kit includes installation instructions, new mounting bolts and nuts, a piece of insulation to go around the filler neck, and a piece of foam insulation to be applied on the tank top or the bottom of the Tank Armor to eliminate metal to metal contact.

    All Tank Armor prducts are shipped in the raw steel finish.

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    1970 Mustang/Cougar Tank Armor

    1970 Mustang/Cougar Tank Armor

    1970 Mustang Tank Armor


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