• What does Tank Armor Do?

    Tank Armor puts a heavy duty steel plate between the gas tank and the passenger compartment. It also prevents dangerous accidental punctures in the top of the gas tank.

  • How well does it fit?

    All holes are precision drilled for a perfect match with the stock mounting holes. All welds are machined smooth for a perfect fit every time.

  • How thick is Tank Armor?

    The Tank Armor plate is 11-gauge steel, capable of withstanding a 9MM bullet.  The gas tank sheet metal is so thin, it can easily be punctured by a jack, tire iron, or just about anything else you could throw into a trunk.

  • What about the filler neck?

    The filler neck hole is machined to fit 1964½ through 1970 Mustang, and 1967 through 1968 Cougar automobiles. A gasket (included) fills the remaining gap around the filler neck. Now is also a good time to replace that old filler hose, and inspect the gas tank for any problems that might be developing too!

  • What's in the kit?

    The kit includes everything needed for a simple 30-45 minute installation.

    The kit includes:

    Tank Armor, Instructions, Mounting Hardware, Gasket, Insulating Tape

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